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Monthly Archives: January 2010

A Favorite Quote: Taking the Long View


I’m no fan of spectator sports, but I often like the writing they inspire. I love the following sentence, from John Updike’s 1960 New Yorker essay about Ted Williams: For me, Williams is the classic ballplayer of the game on a hot August weekday, before a small crowd, when the only thing at stake is […]

My Most Popular Flickr Photo: Jaco Pastorius Artist Series Fender Jazz Fretless Bass


Over the past few years I’ve posted more than a thousand photos to Flickr. A few of them are actually good. But somehow this mundane shot of an electric bass is the most-viewed. Thousands of looks at this unremarkable photo, followed by hundreds of others in the same set. Posted only as a supplement to […]

Uncommon Thoughts on Health Care Financing in the USA: David Goldhill in The Atlantic


Regular readers of my blog (both of you!) come here for comments on Scotch whisky, maybe also the occasional photo album of funny street signs. And my friends (yes, both of you!) know that I’m generally apolitical, at least in the sense of organized party affiliation. Certainly I have little to add to the vast […]

Review: Dry Fly Washington Wheat Whiskey


Wheat whiskey is becoming quite the rage. Spokane’s Dry Fly Distilling does an excellent job of fueling the fire with their newly-released, excellent and very-hard-to-find “Washington Wheat Whiskey.” Going back a few years, in late 2005 big Kentucky distiller Heaven Hill released Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey, which they (now incorrectly) call “The Only American Wheat […]

Review: Death’s Door White Whiskey


The newly-released White Whiskey from Wisconsin’s Death’s Door Spirits is a great way to taste “white dog” (spirit fresh off the still, before it goes into barrel). It’s interesting and it’s very good, but it’s certainly not “whiskey” in the conventional sense. And it’s probably not worth $40 a bottle. I first heard about this […]

My favorite glass for Scotch: The Riedel “O” Chardonnay Tumbler


I’ve tasted Scotch whisky from many types of glasses, including several designed specifically for Scotch. But my favorite is a casual wine glass from Riedel’s “O” series of stemless tumblers. The model I like is intended for Chardonnay. Scotch whisky – when served neat, with water, or on the rocks – often comes in a […]