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Monthly Archives: February 2010

“Lean Usability” at Meetup


My friend Andres Glusman works at Meetup in some capacity (Insights? Marketing? Strategy? Products? any/all of the above?) concerned with web product design. Earlier this month (February 2010) he gave the following excellent presentation at a Meetup in NYC. I don’t know his co-author Anna DeYoung, but let’s give her some credit, too. Really good […]

Written and Oral: They’re Both Verbal


Sometimes the plea for better grammar isn’t just pedantry, but rather a desire for clearer, more efficient communication. (At least that’s how I’ll justify this post to you, my three readers.) It seems obvious to me that “written” (committed to paper) and “oral” (spoken) are just two more distinct forms of “verbal” (using words). Yet […]

Report: 10th Annual Double IPA Festival at The Bistro (2010)


On Saturday (February 6, 2010) I attended “The Bistro’s 10th Annual Double IPA Festival” in Hayward, CA. This was my fifth time attending what has become a predictably wonderful beer event. However, the DIPA Festival has also become quite expensive! This year’s tariff was $35 for a souvenir glass and just five small pours (4-5 […]