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Category Archives: Beer

Beer in Vienna, Austria: April 2009


While in Vienna in April 2009, I of course spent some time getting to know the beer. Since I was only in town for a few days, I couldn’t make a comprehensive exploration of beer haunts. But, armed with some reports from Beer Advocate and a couple of earlier explorers who had posted their notes […]

Photos from London: April 2009


In April I went to London for business. (I stayed with Lauren and Jason in St. John’s Wood – when they moved there from NYC a few years ago, Lauren kept a still-funny blog about the tribulations Americans’ settling in London.) While in The Smoke I took some photos, a handy ninety-two of which I […]

Report: 12th Annual IPA Festival (2009) at The Bistro: Hayward, CA


Today I attended the 12th Annual IPA Festival at The Bistro, a little beer bar in Hayward, CA. This was my third year – maybe fourth – at this excellent event for lovers of a certain type of India Pale Ale. The tasting list (scans inserted below; click to see full size) included a mind-boggling […]