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Category Archives: Random Observations

Not-so-serious stuff

The New Yorker: “I’ve only been gluten-free for a week, but I’m already really annoying.”


A quote from Maria Callas


“What is there in life if you do not work? There is only sensation, and there are only a few sensations— you cannot live on them. You can only live on work, by work, through work. How can you live with self-respect if you do not do things as well as lies in you?” – […]

A beautiful passage from WWII


From the menu of a 1944 Christmas dinner on a cold US army base in Italy…. Alone of all American holidays, Christmas has been held inviolate, and will be observed throughout the Army by order of the War Department. By this wise exception men may have a brief respite from the grim business of war […]

The Tire Pressure Warning Indicator Reimagined


A few years ago, I posted an update confessing my lack of familiarity with the tire pressure warning indicator. I promised to update said graphic for some future use, perhaps on an album cover. Well, my wonderful colleague Bobbie, a fabulous designer, whipped one up for me, and I love it. What’s more, Bobbie even made on […]

Updating One’s Blog….


Our office manager started a blog to keep our company posted on details of an upcoming office move. Her announcement included the cartoon below, which made me laugh (and reminded me of the cartoon with which I started this blog).

Wonderful Seminar Placards from BedBug University 2012


In September 2012 I was in Las Vegas to present on behalf of Castlight Health at the Institute for HealthCare Consumerism‘s Forum West. Another conference was going on at the same hotel: BedBug Central was holding their BedBug University North American Summit. Their two-day conference included a huge amount of educational and social content. I grabbed […]