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Category Archives: Random Observations

Not-so-serious stuff

A sensible request from the Manager, poetically presented


I spotted this sign on a supply closet in the men’s restroom at my accountant’s building in South San Francisco. A sensible request, poetically presented. If you don’t have the key Please don’t open the door With other tools Thanks Manager

Clamp Boss: Adventures in Word Substitution


Last week my company issued a press release quoting me. Itself not necessarily worth reporting on this blog, but some web sites have published it substituting various words. I’m guessing they do this as link bait for SEO, so they show up differently from the sites that simply republish releases verbatim. But there’s some humor […]

Parting Hair


As I get older, this is actually pretty much how I feel… From The New Yorker (their Cartoon Bank is down, so I can’t link to the bigger/purchase page, but you can find it there if you’re interested). UPDATE: my friend Tom replies with the cartoon below…

No Idea What This Symbol Means


I’m in that large minority of folks to whom this symbol means nothing. According to an article on Yahoo! Autos: Do you recognize the symbol here? It lights up in your instrument panel and looks like a U-shaped pictograph with treads and an exclamation point in the middle. Do you understand what it means now? […]

New York Invaded by Old School Video Game Characters


Hat tip: Chris Motes for posting this on his blog here.

Written and Oral: They’re Both Verbal


Sometimes the plea for better grammar isn’t just pedantry, but rather a desire for clearer, more efficient communication. (At least that’s how I’ll justify this post to you, my three readers.) It seems obvious to me that “written” (committed to paper) and “oral” (spoken) are just two more distinct forms of “verbal” (using words). Yet […]