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Category Archives: Bass

Francis Vanek Trio playing for the early dinner seating in the Sequoia Room at North Coast Brewing in Ft. Bragg.


A photo of my guitar used by Nashville Public Radio: New Concerto, New Kind Of Bass Guitar For Nashville’s Victor Wooten


Nashville Public Radio did a very cool segment on the great Victor Wooten, and a new kind of bass guitar created for a concerto he co-wrote and is performing. The accompanying blog post used a photo of one of my six-string guitars (via Flickr, under CCL). I didn’t make the guitar, I just (too rarely) […]

The Great Jerry Jemmott: Jaw-dropping Session Bass from 1972


Tonight I grabbed a couple of CDs from the shelf for the drive to and from San Francisco (yes, I still play CDs on occasion). One was a 1972 album by Hammond organ master Richard “Groove” Holmes called American Pie. (Originally issued on Groove Merchant.) Groove Holmes is infamous for veering too far into pop […]

Review: Rush at Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View CA: August 9, 2010


On Monday (August 9, 2010) I saw Rush perform at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. While the show was by no means perfect, the good – the great – far outweighed the bad. Rush fans of any generation should make every effort to catch the band this time out. They seem to be […]

Some favorite fretless bass guitar tracks


I love the sound of the fretless bass guitar. Apparently the modern version of this instrument was invented in 1961 by Bill Wyman, bass player of the Rolling Stones, though it was popularized starting in the early ’70s  by Jaco Pastorius, best known for his work with Weather Report. Jaco kicks of my selection of […]

Some favorite acoustic bass tracks


Time to highlight a few of my favorite recorded tracks by some of the greatest upright bass players of all time. The first is by Milt Hinton, nicknamed “The Judge.” If any single person can be said to have created modern acoustic jazz bass, it’s Hinton. He’s the most-recorded jazz musician of all time. The […]