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Reactions to Bremont Boeing Model 1 Watch

Bremont Boeing Model 1 Watch

I’m not an intense watch enthusiast, but over the past year or two I’ve really taken to several brands. One favorite is Bremont, a relatively recent entrant from England evoking an affiliation with military aviation and a general British vibe. I respond to the design, especially of their plainer pieces, the feeling of quality, and to the broader story of reestablishing watchmaking in the United Kingdom (Bremont’s movements are still Swiss-sourced, but they have aspirations to create an entirely British watch).

Bremont’s newest permanent¬†line was created with Boeing – admittedly not a British partner! – and the watches have just started to reach retailers. In mid-2014 I preordered a Bremont Boeing Model 1/WH from the incomparable Topper Jewelers in Burlingame CA (brothers Rob and Russ Caplan are delightfully over-the-top in their passion for watches), and my watch arrived in December. Apparently it was the first production Bremont Boeing to make it to the United States.

In any case, Rob posted in much detail about this watch (and its sister, a black dial chronometer version called the 247/BK) to the Topper blog here. That post includes a great many photos of my watch – literally, the one I’m wearing as I type this post – and some comments about the design and materials. (I snagged a smaller-sized photo for this post.)

For my part, I’m enthusiastic about the design. Typically I dislike co-branded watches, but the Bremont Boeing line explicitly indicates its Boeing affiliation only with swatches of Boeing blue and the flared point to the second hand, which is taken from the Boeing logo. The (beautiful) reverse of the watch includes more explicit Boeing co-branding.

As the Topper blog post indicates, Bremont used a newly-developed steel alloy for the case (supposedly created with Boeing). I can vouch that it’s lighter than typical stainless steel, sort of midway toward titanium on the spectra of weight and also texture. I believe the band was also described as a unique and jointly-developed material – I see it as a very nice, thick nylon whose texture and color nicely complement the case and dial.

My only quibble with the watch is the bezel, which rotates in two directions. I personally don’t actually use rotating bezels for anything, but I imprinted on the idea that bezels should rotate only¬†¬†counterclockwise (a convention from dive watches, to ensure that divers don’t underestimate their time under water).

In any case, Bremont did great work designing and building the Boeing line. You can see and learn more about the entire line on the Bremont site here, with detailed photos and reviews of the first two watches to reach this colony at the Topper Jewelers blog here.

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