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Reactions to Sugarland: A Jazz Age Mystery by Martha Conway

Sugarland: A Jazz Age MysterySugarland: A Jazz Age Mystery by Martha Conway
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Quite an enjoyable novel – full of believable period detail without being overbearing about it. Generally a dark story about difficult characters in troubled times, but never so grim that it becomes oppressive. Main themes are of sisterhood and race, explored over a dense, urban Jazz Age bootlegging-era background. The “mystery” of the subtitle might feel a little lightweight in import, but these are small-scale portraits of individuals and their own actions in the context of their times, not trying to show large-scale historic impact. Chicago in the ’20s is a wonderfully eye-opening world to inhabit and explore from the perspective of women and musicians across the racial spectrum. Makes me look forward to whatever Conway writes next.

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