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Reactions to Whisky Tales by Charles MacLean

Charles MacLean's Whisky TalesCharles MacLean’s Whisky Tales by Charles MacLean
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The perfect bathroom book for the Scotch whisky aficionado. A collection of (usually very) short pieces on Scotch, covering the gamut of flavors, styles, specific distilleries, advertising, personalities, and science. MacLean is justifiably one of the greats of modern whisky writing, combining a certain amount of academic rigor with a genuine passion and certain sparkle in his approach. My printing of the book has numerous color plates of vintage Scotch ads, all charmingly old-fashioned. Unfortunately my printing also includes several references to footnotes and other matter than seemed not to have made it actually into the book, but that’s only an occasional annoyance.

While Whisky Tales is approachable and not technical at all, it is not a not a general overview or suitable introduction to Scotch Whisky. Rather it’s an excellent stocking stuffer for the Scotch whisky enthusiast, whether long acquainted or new to the spirit.

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