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Reactions to Light Strings: Impressions of the Guitar by Ralph Gibson and Andy Summers


Light Strings: Impressions of the Guitar by Ralph Gibson My rating: 2 of 5 stars Inessential. There’s no doubting the collaborators’ passion for the guitar, and I’m impressed by Andy Summers’ knowledge of the musical and technological history of the instrument. But a large proportion of the photographs are uninteresting – the sort of “art” […]

A photo of my guitar used by Nashville Public Radio: New Concerto, New Kind Of Bass Guitar For Nashville’s Victor Wooten


Nashville Public Radio did a very cool segment on the great Victor Wooten, and a new kind of bass guitar created for a concerto he co-wrote and is performing. The accompanying blog post used a photo of one of my six-string guitars (via Flickr, under CCL). I didn’t make the guitar, I just (too rarely) […]

Some favorite fretless bass guitar tracks


I love the sound of the fretless bass guitar. Apparently the modern version of this instrument was invented in 1961 by Bill Wyman, bass player of the Rolling Stones, though it was popularized starting in the early ’70s  by Jaco Pastorius, best known for his work with Weather Report. Jaco kicks of my selection of […]

Review: Epiphone Limited Edition “1959” Les Paul Electric Guitar


This attractive Epiphone guitar laudably attempts to be the “high end of the low end”, but it ends up caught in a disappointing middle ground of uncertain value for the price. Disclaimer: I am not a guitarist. I am barely a bassist. But over the past couple of years, as I’ve picked up the bass […]