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Gary Becker: Why He Prefers “No Change” to Health Care Delivery Over the US Health Care Finance Reform Law


Gary Becker, Professor of Economics at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, wrote an excellent piece on the recently-passed health care finance reform legislation. Yet when I was recently asked whether I prefer the present healthcare bill to no change in the health delivery system for a decade, I answered “no change”. […] […]

Health Savings Accounts: Two Interesting Articles on Their Effectiveness


Recently I’ve read two good recent articles on Health Savings Accounts and their usefulness reducing health care costs, increasing health care quality, and helping employees take home more cash. When I was on the management team at a former company, we agonized about employees’ health care. Not just how (or whether) to absorb the astonishing […]

Uncommon Thoughts on Health Care Financing in the USA: David Goldhill in The Atlantic


Regular readers of my blog (both of you!) come here for comments on Scotch whisky, maybe also the occasional photo album of funny street signs. And my friends (yes, both of you!) know that I’m generally apolitical, at least in the sense of organized party affiliation. Certainly I have little to add to the vast […]