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Reactions to Ornamental Posters of the Vienna Secession by Horst-Herbert Kossatz


Ornamental Posters Of The Vienna Secession by Horst-Herbert Kossatz My rating: 4 of 5 stars Essential because it’s the only accessible book on the topic of poster art from the Viennese Secession movement. In the plus column there are several color plates (the rest black and white), and the descriptions of each poster are refreshingly […]

Vienna, Austria: Street Scenes and Other Photos: April 2009


This photo set is the third in a series of a five taken on a quick trip to Vienna in April 2009. Mostly exteriors, focusing on Jugendstil (art nouveau) buildings, with some other sites mixed in. The set is on Flickr here. I generally recommend using the Flickr slideshow over the gallery inserted below.