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Reactions to The Art of American Whiskey by Noah Rothbaum


The Art of American Whiskey: A Visual History of the Nation’s Most Storied Spirit, Through 100 Iconic Labels by Noah Rothbaum Charming and well-made book suitable for a gift or the smallest room in the house. The many whiskey labels are tons of fun, especially the older ones (though a little more context on individual […]

Bunnahabhain Ceòbanach


Bunnahabhain Ceòbanach is the new heavily peated single malt Scotch from my favorite underrated distillery. Sadly, it’s all heavy peat and no discernible Bunnahabain.

Reactions to “The Best Bourbon You’ll Never Taste. The True Story of A. H. Hirsch Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Distilled In The Spring Of 1974.” by Charles Cowdery


The Best Bourbon You’ll Never Taste. The True Story Of A. H. Hirsch Reserve Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Distilled In The Spring Of 1974. by Charles Cowdery My rating: 5 of 5 stars Purely for the enthusiast – in fact the very focused enthusiast interested in this particular expression of this particular bourbon whiskey. Chuck Cowdery […]

Good summary of what makes Bourbon Bourbon


David Driscoll, the spirits buyer at K&L Wine Merchants in Redwood City, just posted a good list of “Quick Facts” about Bourbon Whiskey, along with brief profiles of a few distilleries. It’s not a comprehensive overview or introduction – he doesn’t claim it is – but it’s worth bookmarking as a reference. I’ve conducted several […]

Review: Dry Fly Washington Wheat Whiskey


Wheat whiskey is becoming quite the rage. Spokane’s Dry Fly Distilling does an excellent job of fueling the fire with their newly-released, excellent and very-hard-to-find “Washington Wheat Whiskey.” Going back a few years, in late 2005 big Kentucky distiller Heaven Hill released Bernheim Original Wheat Whiskey, which they (now incorrectly) call “The Only American Wheat […]

Review: Death’s Door White Whiskey


The newly-released White Whiskey from Wisconsin’s Death’s Door Spirits is a great way to taste “white dog” (spirit fresh off the still, before it goes into barrel). It’s interesting and it’s very good, but it’s certainly not “whiskey” in the conventional sense. And it’s probably not worth $40 a bottle. I first heard about this […]